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Ben Compton QC and Will Young assist NGOs with Human Rights challenge to intensive farm planning application


Ben Compton QC and Will Young have recently agreed to act pro bono for Friends of the Earth, the Soil Association and Pig Business in opposing a planning application for a US style mega pig farm in South Derbyshire to be built within 150 yards to HM prison Foston Hall, and a residential housing estate in South Derbyshire.

The case has attracted considerable media attention due to the size of the farm (some 25,000 pigs) and the serious health concerns raised by those living and working in the nearby community.

Further information can be found at: The Guardian (10 Feb)

Town kicks up a stink over ‘Titan’ pig farm: The Independent (11 Feb, p.26)

Human rights claim against Foston pig farm: (13 Feb)

Barristers: Will Young | Ben Compton QC
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