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John McKendrick in Latin America and the Caribbean


Between 13 and 15 January, John was working in El Salvador as a guest of the British Embassy. He made a number of presentations on the rule of law, anti corruption measures, the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the EU Central America Association Agreement. He met with the Minister of Public Works, the Presidential Sub-Secretary responsible for transparency and many other state and civil society representatives. John also gave a presentation to the British School in San Salvador.

John’s visit attracted significant press attention, on television, radio, the newspapers and on twitter.

John continues his time working in the Caribbean, travelling to Port of Spain as a guest of the British High Commission, Trinidad and Tobago before spending several days in Georgetown, Guyana, where he will meet with the Finance Minister, the Attorney General, representative of the private sector and civil society.

The following week John will be a guest of the British High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica, where, amongst other events, he will address the Jamaican Bar Association.

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