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Failure to return ashes of babies a breach of Human Rights


Solicitors’ firm, Slater & Gordon, is representing 19 parents caught up in the Emstrey Crematorium scandal in Shrewsbury who are now taking legal action against Shropshire council. Lawyers acting for the bereaved families say the crematorium breached the Human Rights Act by failing to return the ashes of their babies.

Between 1996 and 2012 the equipment for cremation used the same setting for adults and children, which made it difficult to recover small amounts of ashes.

An inquiry led by Shropshire council earlier this year found more than 50 families had been affected. It also emerged that parents in other parts of the UK had suffered similar experiences.

Bereaved families in Shrewsbury founded the ‘Ashes 4 Ashes’ group which visited 10 Downing Street earlier this year to deliver a petition signed by 61,000 people calling for the return of ashes to be a legal requirement.

Campaigners say they would also like to see a national inspector for crematoriums appointed.

Solicitor for the Families: Ian Cohen, Slater & Gordon

Barrister: Matthew Stockwell, Outer Temple Chambers

For further information, see the BBC.

Barristers: Matthew Stockwell
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