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Tim Nesbitt successfully defends solicitor dishonesty charges


In a hearing this week before the SDT Marcus Nickson, a prominent clinical negligence practitioner in the north west, was charged with allegations that included the dishonest misappropriation of substantial sums in respect of costs from damages awards for clients.

The principal issues before the Tribunal were the level of involvement of Mr Nickson in costs issues in the firm of KJ Commons and co, and whether he had been dishonest. Whilst widespread other serious breaches were admitted, Mr Nickson was acquitted of all dishonesty allegations, which were the principal contested issues.

Mr Nickson had been in partnership with Kevin Commons, the solicitor who was murdered in the notorious mass killings by Derrick Bird in Cumbria in June 2010, and large parts of the allegations related to the way in which costs issues were dealt with within the firm before and immediately after Mr Commons’ murder.

The case is one of many successful defences Tim has run for solicitors appearing before the SDT in recent times.

Barristers: Tim Nesbitt QC
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