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Outer Temple Chambers registration with Dubai International Financial Centre


Outer Temple Chambers is proud and delighted to announce that it is the first of its kind barristers’ chambers in the Dubai region.

The move solidifies the reputation of DIFC as a specialist hub for international business transactions, dispute resolution and contract enforcement through DIFC Courts. It also demonstrates confidence in the international legal architecture of DIFC.

With legal experts who work in the world’s leading courts, including in DIFC Courts, our services will be of benefit to the region – regardless of whether or not businesses are registered in DIFC, as long as they wish to use the DIFC Courts.

Our members specialise in commercial litigation and arbitration, company and employment law, multinational and cross-border law, regulatory issues, Islamic Finance and wealth management.

Our recent registration also means we now have a fully functioning office within DIFC at the following address: Outer Temple Chambers, Level 15, The Gate Building, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai UAE Tel: +971 4401 9584.

Please click here for the full DIFC press release.

For further information, please read more about our activity in the Middle East.

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