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Paul Rogers represents successful appellant in Criminal Court of Appeal


MJ Allen Holdings Ltd pleaded guilty before the Crown Court to an offence under the work at height regulations.

Three of its maintenance workers went onto a fragile roof of approximately 10-11 feet high, using crawling boards that had no edge protection to replace a fan.

Whilst on the roof, one of the workers slipped on the crawling board and put his foot through the roof. He did not fall and no proper risk assessment had been undertaken.

As a result, no proper method of work had been devised that adhered to health and safety guidelines about working on fragile rooves.

However, the learned sentencing judge imposed on the company a fine of £160,000, which has been halved by the Court of Appeal.

The appeal was allowed on the basis that the judge had taken too high a starting point before applying the guilty plea reduction of 1/3.

The fine was reduced to a starting point of £120,000 before reduction for the guilty plea arriving at a final figure of £80,000.

Barristers: Paul Rogers
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