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Robert Rhodes QC on Barclays bankers prosecution for The Brief Premium


Robert Rhodes QC, Outer Temple Chambers business crime specialist, questions the SFO’s decision to prosecute both Barclays Bank and various directors. He points out that Barclays did not have to turn to the taxpayer for the support that it received during the financial crisis.

He asserts that “the events are too far in the past and the consequences too dire for small shareholders”, doubts whether the individual defendants can receive a fair trial if Barclays pleads guilty, and suggests that prosecuting Barclays directors so long after the event “is inhumane”.

Robert emphasises that “(s)erious fraud must be prosecuted and punished if the evidence is available, and it is in the public interest to prosecute”, but queries whether there is any moral or practical ground in this particular case.

The full article, as published in The Brief Premium, is available to read here.


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