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Success in environmental adjudication


Tim Green has been successful in a precedent setting adjudication concerning the accreditation by the Environment Agency of a waste reprocessor pursuant to the Producer Responsibility Regulations.

The Regulations provide for a scheme whereby waste producers are legally obliged to demonstrate that they have recycled waste by the purchase of certificates called Producer Responsibility Notes (“PRNs”). PRNs may only be sold by waste reprocessors which have satisfied the Agency that various environmental standards have been met, including that the reprocessor has a viable business plan. Tim persuaded the adjudicator that the Agency was correct to refuse to accredit a reprocessor in a precedent setting use of the Agency’s powers under the Regulations.

Tim Green has been consistently recommended by the legal directories for environmental law. He is frequently instructed by the UK’s leading firms in environmental work to act for clients facing regulatory, civil and criminal enforcement in the recycling industry. Please follow this link to his web page.

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