Paul Rogers

Call date: 1989
Email: Paul Rogers Clerk: Dave Scothern
Areas of Law: Professional Negligence, Personal Injury, Crime
Practice summary

Paul Rogers has a proven track record in handling complex investigations, trials and appeals as lead counsel, at both the domestic and international level. He has many years experience as a senior prosecutor at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (UNICTY) leading cases at both the trial and appellate level. Paul is an experienced senior advocate and trains advocates at both the national and international level in trial and appellate advocacy. He has taught advocacy programmes in the Balkans, The Hague – Netherlands and in the UK. He is an approved advocacy trainer for the Inner Temple.

He was Senior Appeals and Trial Counsel for the Office of The Prosecutor (OTP) between 2009 and 2014, leading complex factual and legal prosecutions of international war crimes and crimes against humanity involving multiple accused at the highest levels of political and military leadership. Of particular note he led the prosecution response to the appeals of high-ranking military commanders convicted of genocide at Srebrenica in 1995, in the cases of Prosecutor v Popovic et al and Prosecutor v Tolimir. He also prosecuted the first ever re-trial before the UNICTY for multiple murders and torture offences concerning a former prime minister of Kosovo and national war hero - in the case of Prosecutor v Haradinaj, Balaj and Brahimaj.

In his domestic practice Paul has covered a full range of common law work, specialising in complex crime, and in personal injury work. He was junior counsel to the Crown in the prosecution of Railtrack Plc arising from the Ladbroke Grove, Paddington rail crash. He was on the Attorney General’s “A” Panel of Prosecution advocates and has handled complex money-laundering, drug importation and VAT fraud prosecutions as lead counsel.

Paul has represented many company directors and individuals charged with gross negligence manslaughter, and health and safety offences as a result of deaths in the workplace.

In his civil work he has acted for claimants and defendants in personal injury claims arising from accidents and deaths in the workplace, and has represented interested parties in related inquests. He has acted for doctors and nurses before the GMC and Nursing-Midwifery Council, and for solicitors before the SDT.

Paul Rogers