Harry Trusted

Call date: 1985
Email: Harry Trusted Clerk: Graham Woods
Areas of Law: Professional Negligence, Disciplinary & Regulation, Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence
Practice summary

Harry Trusted has extensive experience in catastrophic injury work.  He appears for both claimants and defendants.
He was one of the barristers representing families at the Kennedy Inquiry into paediatric cardiac surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and he has since developed an interest in cardiac cases generally.  He was also involved in the indexation litigation which resulted in the Court of Appeal’s ruling that ASHE statistics could be used to uprate periodical payments (Tameside v Thompstone [2008] 1 WLR 2027.  He was junior counsel for the successful claimants in Farraj v King’s Health Care  [2008] EWHC 2468 which involved consideration of wrongful birth and the relationship between shariah law and the abortion of foetuses with congenital abnormalities.  He continues to appear in numerous cases involving spinal and neurological injuries. 

In matters relating to healthcare disciplinary work, Harry Trusted is a highly experienced advocate and adviser in the fields of clinical healthcare and risk.  He has represented doctors, nurses and patients in a variety of litigation. Areas covered include the General Medical Council and the General Dental Council.

Harry has been recommended by the Legal 500, Chambers UK and the guide to Legal Experts for many years. He is commended by all of them for his work in the fields of clinical negligence and personal injury.  He is a founder editor of “Facts and Figures” and he is the secretary of the Ogden Working Party.

Trusted, HarryThe Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law Firms


Butterworths Personal Injury Newsletter: April 2012, Vol 4 Issue 4
The concept of dependency, Although the principles applicable to dependency are clear in a straightforward case, the vague language of the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 leaves substantial room for judicial discretion. Harry Trusted reports

A selection of recent cases
  • Galsworthy v Hampshire NHS Trust and Others
  • Claimant suffered bilateral amputation of legs after a failed suicide attempt. Liability agreed at 75% after initial denial by all five defendants. Quantum will probably exceed £2 million.


  • Parry v Payne
  • Act for the defendant who is sued following breast surgery. Liability denied. Complex issues of fact.


  • George v St George’s Hospital Trust
  • Claimant suffered brain injury after surgery to evacuate a haematoma was negligently postponed. Liability admitted. Quantum to be assessed. Will probably exceed £2 million.


  • Currie v Anglia Health Services
  • Claimant was a schizophrenic who suffered an amputated leg after negligent discharge from a psychiatric unit. Case settled at £300,000 despite initial denials of liability and causation.


  • Nimaa v Benjifield and Derrifort Hospital Trust
  • Claimant suffered devastating neurological collapse following negligent failure to diagnose and treat a colloid cyst promptly. Quantum will probably exceed £5 million.


  • Saraogi v Severn Transport
  • Claimant (boy of 12) suffered devastating injuries when hit by a lorry. Claim will probably exceed £5 million in value


  • Marsh v Soper
  • Claimant suffered severe brain damage following road accident. Problems include care issues and the ways in which the change of personality damaged the Claimant's matrimonial and social life.


  • Lovell v Grant
  • Claimant sustained a head injury following a road accident.


  • Lack v Billing
  • Claimant suffered a head injury and personality change when hit by a car.


  • Petch v Cornwall County Council
  • Claimant alleged that he suffered severe exacerbation of asthma as a result of his employer’s failure to provide a safe place of work. Defendant (for whom I acted) denied any breaches of duty and denied that the place of work caused the exacerbation of symptoms as alleged or at all.
Harry Trusted

"His ability to make excellent judgement calls during negotiations maximises success." Personal injury, Chambers & partners 2016

"He is an extremely knowledgeable problem solver who is able to give clear and straightforward advice to clients." Personal injury, Chambers & partners 2016

“He relishes dealing withcomplex issues and is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for the client.” Clinical negligence, Chambers & partners 2016

“He is a superb barrister who is well known and an authority in his field.” Clinical negligence, Chambers & partners 2016

''He really knows his stuff and always thinks about the interests of clients.'' Personal injury, Legal 500, 2015

''One of the most dedicated and committed barristers that a solicitor could wish to work with.'' Clinical negligence, Legal 500, 2015

"He's extremely knowledgeable, sees the issues quickly, and is able to give clear and straightforward advice to clients." Personal Injury, Chambers & Partners 2015

"He's incredibly bright, very forward-thinking, and understands the issues very quickly. He puts clients at ease and is good at taking the lead." "Harry is intellectually bold and confident, and he makes really good judgement calls."  Clinical negligence, Chambers & Partners 2015

‘He has all the qualities one looks for in a catastrophic injury barrister.’ Personal injury, Legal 500, 2014

‘A tremendous commitment and dedication to his cases.’ Clinical negligence, Legal 500, 2014

The ‘bright and tenacious’ Harry Trusted ‘always strengthens the case when he is on board’. Personal injury, Legal 500, 2013

Harry Trusted ‘combines passion with assured judgement’. Clinical negligence, Legal 500, 2013

"He reads his papers back-to-front and attends conferences prepared, and he won't simply roll over when difficult issues arise in the case: he'll roll his sleeves up and fight."  "He's extremely analytical, and extremely good at pleadings and in his analysis of cases." Personal Injury, Chambers & Partners 2014

"He is energetic and understands clients. He takes a sensible, commercial approach to litigation." Clinical negligence, Chambers & Partners 2014

"very measured and incredibly sensible" in his approach. Personal Injury, Chambers & Partners, 2013

He combines "fantastic brain power" with "superb judgement," and is known for the "assuredness of his advice and his clarity of thinking." Clinical Negligence, Chambers & Partners, 2013

Harry Trusted has ‘brilliant advocacy skills’ Clinical negligence and healthcare, Legal 500, 2012

Harry Trusted impresses with his grasp of complex quantum issues arising from road, railway and workplace accident cases. He "always gets straight to the point," Personal injury, Chambers and Partners 2012

Harry Trusted is highly rated by solicitors, who feel that "once he's on the team he offers unwavering commitment and support to the case in hand." He has a particular focus on claims involving brain damage, cancer, paralysis and amputation.Clinical negligence, Chambers and Partners 2012

‘intellectual grasp of complex legal issues’,Clinical negligence and healthcare, Legal 500, 2011

‘meticulous’, ‘thorough’, ‘sees the bigger picture’ Clinical negligence and healthcare Legal 500 2010

‘excellent and thorough’, Personal injury, Legal 500, 2011

‘capable, competent and thorough’ Personal injury Legal 500 2010

"He's intellectually voracious” Clinical negligence, Chambers and Partners 2011

“impresses instructing solicitors”, "he is the sort of barrister that does all, if not more, than is expected of him." Personal injury, Chambers and Partners 2011