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Dr Ali Almihdar awarded by Saudi-British Society 2016


Dr Ali Almihdar is one of the two winners of the 2016 Rawabi Holding Awards. The annual awards, for making a significant contribution to Saudi-British relations, have previously gone only to British citizens. This year, for the first time, Dr Almihdar, a Saudi citizen was given the award.

The awards are made by Sheikh Abdulaziz al Turki, a leading Saudi businessman from the Eastern Province. The candidates are chosen from a wide range of fields in which they have made a contribution, including; education, literature, journalism, sport, women’s affairs, welfare and medicine. The award-giving ceremony, which is an important part of the Saudi-British Society’s programme, was held in conjunction with the Society’s Annual Dinner, on 10th February 2016.

The prizes are £5000 each – in his acceptance speech, he said that he would be dividing his prize between the five educational institutions at which he had studied.

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