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Michael Bowes QC chairs conference panel at ‘Tackling Corruption Together’


The Tackling Corruption Together conference, a major initiative for civil society, business and government leaders, is expected to take place on Wednesday 11 May 2016 in London, UK.

The event, which will focus on Anti-Money Laundering regimes and the effect of the Panama Papers, is a unique opportunity for leaders and experts from all over the world to present their views on how business, civil society and policy makers can collaborate in order to tackle corruption efficiently.

Michael will be chairing a panel on what financial centres can do to tackle corrupt capital.

The organisers advise that “highlights from discussion on 11 May will be passed through to officials involved in the government Leaders Summit on 12 May to inform negotiations”.

The conference will be jointly hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Transparency International, Thomson Reuters, the B Team, Omidyar Network, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and ONE.

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Barristers: Michael Bowes QC
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