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2016 New York State Bar Association Seasonal Meeting in Paris


Michael Bowes QC is to co-chair an international Panel on Anti-Corruption on 21st October. He will be speaking on “The use of DPA’s and what effect they have on the double jeopardy/ne bis in idem principle“.

On the same day, Outer Temple Chambers’ David Russell QC and Christophe Jolk are part of a panel to discuss the importance of Common Reporting Standards for wealth owners and the wealth management industry.

The session on 21st October, which is part of a three-day event, will explore the global anti-corruption legal regime and recent developments in the FCPA, the Bribery Act and other important pieces of national legislation.

This year’s NYSBA Seasonal Meeting will be held at the Saint James Albany Hotel in Paris, with a three-day pre-meeting in Strasbourg, France.

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Barristers: Christophe Jolk | Michael Bowes QC | David Russell QC
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