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Brexit and Employment law


Paul Livingston and Emily Gordon Walker recently gave a talk to several solicitors’ firms on what Brexit might mean for employment lawyers.

Their informative talk provoked discussions on a number of items including:

  • A reminder of the impact that EU law has on current employment law at present;
  • A summary of how EU law currently applies and how this would change after Brexit;
  • An analysis of the political background and how this might affect future changes;
  • Paul and Emily’s predictions on areas most and least likely to change, including a look at: discrimination; family-friendly rights; agency, part-time and fixed-term workers; working time; TUPE; collective rights; bankers bonuses; and
  • Other obstacles and opportunities that might arise for employment lawyers, including the possibility of mass relocation of firms and changes to policies and contracts.

Recipients described the talk as “insightful and thought provoking” and “very interesting“.

To keep updated on this constantly changing topic, please contact Outer Temple clerks to discuss the possibility of Paul and Emily delivering their talk to your firm or in-house team.

Barristers: Emily Gordon Walker | Paul Livingston
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