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Successful defeat of £2m misrepresentation claim


Andrew Maguire obtained an indemnity costs order for his clients in the High Court after successfully defeating £2million misrepresentation claim plus a 90% interim costs on account award.

The buyer of a business had failed to prove that the seller had fraudulently and negligently misrepresented the level of an inter-company margin which impacted on the company’s viability, where the actual margin rate was readily ascertainable from the accounts.

In addition, Andrew succeeded on a Loan Notes claim of over £225,000 on behalf of two former directors and shareholders:  Trow v Durmast Group Ltd [2017] EWHC 1485 (Ch).

Andrew Maguire has a busy chancery-based commercial law practice. He specialises particularly in disputes over the interpretation or breach of contracts, personal guarantees, restrictive covenants, mortgage and trust deeds and joint venture agreements, breach of trust, fiduciary duty and directors’ duties – and cases involving commercial fraud. These include breach of restrictive covenants, confidential material and database theft, freezing injunctions and asset recovery, banking and financial services, insolvency and professional negligence claims (including claims arising out of construction disputes and sale and leasing of land and financial investments).

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