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The Proceeds of Crime


Oliver Powell and Tim Green have contributed to Millington and Sutherland Williams on The Proceeds of Crime, fifth edition, OUP (2018). Oliver was responsible for chapters on bribery & corruption, investigations and the seizure and recovery of cash. Tim was responsible for chapters on money laundering and disclosure of suspicious transactions.

Millington and Sutherland Williams on The Proceeds of Crime provides a definitive guide to all aspects of the law concerning the recovery of the proceeds of crime in England and Wales. It provides an easily navigable step-by-step approach that considers how the legislation is geared to ensuring that criminals do not benefit from their crimes financially, as well as detailed coverage of every stage of the confiscation process.

Outer Temple Chambers continues to lead the way in business crime, civil fraud, financial services and economic sanctions.

Should you require further information about Oliver or Tim, or if you would like to instruct either of them please contact Dave Scothern, Business Development Director.

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