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Matthew McDonagh – appointed to the Sports Resolutions (UK) Arbitrators and Mediators Panels


Sport Resolutions (UK) is an independent dispute resolution service, providing sport specific arbitration and mediation services. We are delighted to announce Matthew‘s appointment to their panels.

The Panel Appointment and Review Committee of Sports Resolutions has also invited Matthew McDonagh to join the Pro Bono Panel in order to provide advice and assistance to athletes and individuals of limited financial means.

In his capacity as a member of the Pro Bono Panel, Matthew accepts instructions for athletes in a wide variety of disputes. He is one of a select group of experienced sport lawyers to assist individuals before Sport Resolutions panels and other NGB tribunals.

At Outer Temple Chambers, Matthew leads on the Law in Sport activity and has represented a number of professional sportsmen in courts and tribunals. He has negotiated and advised upon football contracts, image rights issues and commercial matters.

To find out more about Matthew’s activity, please see this page.

Barristers: Matthew McDonagh
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