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Eliot Woolf QC discusses the difficult issues of wrongful birth


Eliot Woolf QC ran an engaging webinar on the difficult issues of wrongful birth in conjunction with MBL Seminars and Ian Christian at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.

The webinar, which aims to help and support any claimant or defendant solicitor who has a wrongful birth claim, is available to download here.

Wrongful birth claims are still a highly contentious and emotive area of clinical negligence litigation with many fundamental issues still unresolved by the courts. Key issues for careful consideration are whether a distinction should be drawn in principle between ‘wrongful conception’ cases and cases of ‘wrongful antenatal diagnosis/wrongful birth’; whether these claims should be categorised as claims for personal injury or economic loss; the duration of the claims; who should be parties to the litigation and whether Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) apply to such claims.

The webinar acts as an important foundation for those who have had limited exposure to these kind of claims, and also provides valuable insight to practitioners who are experienced in the field and want a practical review of contentious issues in these claims.

Eliot Woolf QC specialises exclusively in the fields of Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury on both domestic and international levels.

Read more here to register and find out what else you will learn.

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