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Ben Bradley speaks at the PEOPIL Young Lawyers Group Conference


Ben Bradley spoke at the recent Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) Young Lawyers Conference in Manchester, on 29 March 2019.

Ben contributed to a lively panel discussion with young lawyers from across Europe, focusing on the interrelationship between criminal proceedings and personal injury law.

Outer Temple has close ties with Clifford Law Offices of Chicago, Illinois, with members of Chambers joined at the Conference by US attorney, Jack J. Casciato. Jack presented on aviation claims brought under the Montreal Convention.

The Conference, held at the Manchester offices of Irwin Mitchell, was also attended by Outer Temple International Illness and Travel law team members Ian Denham, Dan Clarke, Tom Gibson and Olinga Tahzib together with Business Development Director, Paul Barton.

Outer Temple also has very close links with PEOPIL and members frequently speak at PEOPIL events. Ian Denham will be speaking at the forthcoming PEOPIL Conferences in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf on Brexit and Insurers’ Liability in the UK.

To instruct Ben, Ian, Dan, Tom or Olinga or to find out more about the team, contact

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