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Employment Webinar: Watch Andrew Short QC Discuss Objective Justification & Age Discrimination


Andrew Short QC presents an Employment Law Webinar on Objective Justification & Age Discrimination.

As part of the 28 barristers – 14 day Employment Law Series, Andrew Short QC presents a Q&A Webinar on Objective Justification & Age Discrimination.

Andrew recently presented this webinar in a series of employment law seminars put together by Outer Temple’s Daniel Barnett.

Andrew discusses age discrimination, objective justification and reliance upon ex post facto rationalisations in the light of Seldon and RMT  v Lloyd.

Free Representation Unit

The webinars raised £15000, which was donated to the Free Representation Unit, helping to train future generations of advocates and supporting vulnerable litigants.

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Andrew Short QC has an extensive employment law practice and was awarded Chambers and Partners Employment Silk of the Year 2019 at the UK Bar awards. If you would like to discuss an employment law issue please contact Andrew’s Practice Director, please contact  Nick Levett (+44 (0)20 7427 4908) or Adam Macdonald (+44 (0)20 7427 4906) who would be happy to answer your queries in the strictest of confidence.

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