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Webinar: Cryptoassets and Smart Contracts, in collaboration with Oxford Deep Tech Lab


Cryptoassets Webinar_Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple invites you to a lunchtime webinar on Cryptoassets & Smart Contracts, presented by Dr Mimi Zou and Hin Liu of Oxford University Deep Tech Lab and John McKendrick QC, Chloë Bell, Jeremy Scott-Joynt.

Members of Outer Temple Chambers will collaborate with the Oxford University Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab to present a webinar on Cryptoassets and Smart Contracts on Wednesday 8th July at 12pm.


  • The fundamental legal foundations for cryptoassets and smart contracts in modern legal systems.
  • What aspects of the technology surrounding cryptoassets, smart contracts and blockchain regulators need to understand in order to regulate these areas effectively.
  • The potential for business crime involving crypto and smart contracts.


Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday 8th July 2020
Time: 12.00 via Zoom

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Cryptoassets Webinar_Outer Temple Chambers

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Barristers: John McKendrick QC | Chloë Bell | Jeremy Scott-Joynt
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