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Sarah Crowther QC at The British Association for Sport and Law Debate 2020


Sarah Crowther QC will be debating at the annual British Association for Sport and Law Debate being held on Thursday 22nd October 2020.

The British Association for Sport and Law hold an annual debate on athlete welfare and the duty of care in sport. This year the debate will be virtual and the proposition is: “Athletes are suffering from a lack of protection and representation on fundamental issues of welfare and safety”.

The debate provides a unique opportunity to hear leading figures in sport debate an emotive and important topic.

Athlete welfare has been a key theme of 2020 in the world of sports law with Jess Varnish’s appeal in her employment tribunal case against British Cycling and worrying allegations of abuse in British Gymnastics.

If funded athletes can’t benefit from employment law protections then the onus is on their governing bodies to create regulations and structures that protect them from abuse and make them feel able to speak out when necessary.

What should those structures look like and are they being pursued? Can you ever maintain a high-performance culture without infringing the rights of individuals?

These issues and many more will be explored at the debate and you can register to attend by emailing Catherine Forshaw at

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Sarah Crowther QC has a particular interest in safeguarding matters in sport. She has appeared in FA safeguarding proceedings and on behalf of the British Horseracing Authority. She represents and advises in investigations and proceedings and has written on safeguarding policies and implementation in sporting contexts. She has acted on behalf of individuals as well as sports organisations in cases of non-recent abuse and recent harassment claims, including before the National Safeguarding Panel, in the High Court and employment tribunal.

To find out more about Sarah, please contact Paul Barton or Mark Gardner on +44 (0)20 7353 6381 for a confidential discussion.

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