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Peter Linstead publishes book on Employee Competition


“Restraining Competition by Employees – A Practical Guide to Restrictive Covenants, Injunctions and Other Remedies”

Peter Linstead, a specialist in employment and commercial law from Outer Temple Chambers, has written a new handbook on Employee Competition; “Restraining Competition by Employees – A Practical Guide to Restrictive Covenants, Injunctions and Other Remedies”.

Restraining Competition by Employees – A Practical Guide to Restrictive Covenants, Injunctions and Other Remedies” is published by Law Brief Publishing.  Click here for further information or to purchase a copy.

The purpose of the book is to create an easily accessible, indexed guide to this area of law, which is often regarded as highly specialist, even within the employment law community.  Whilst fully up to date and covering all areas of importance, it is designed to enable solicitors and barristers to gain knowledge of this area quickly.  Drawing on Peter’s extensive experience of employment litigation, it includes a detailed step by step guide to the procedure relating to injunction applications; it considers the key issues before and after the termination of employment; it comprehensively covers the latest law on employment restrictive covenants; and, it considers other remedies such as damages and ‘delivery up’.

Key legal developments of the last three years which are covered in the book include:

  • A detailed analysis of the effect of Egon Zehnder v Tillman in the Supreme Court
  • ‘Negotiating damages’ after Morris Garner v One Step in the Supreme Court
  • Springboard injunctions, after Forse v Secarma in the Court of Appeal
  • The effect of the Trade Secrets (Enforcement, etc.) Regulations 2018
  • The latest law on court orders to examine computers in the context of injunctive relief

The book includes chapters on the following topics:

  • Issues During Employment
  • What to Do After the Employee Has Left
  • The Decision Whether or Not to Go for an Injunction
  • How to Lodge the Application in Court and the Interlocutory Hearing Process
  • What Happens at the Interlocutory Hearing?
  • Using the Court Process to Find Out What the Ex-Employee Has Done
  • Things That Can Go Wrong – Indemnity Costs and Committal
  • Confidential Information – How Is It Defined and How Can It Be Protected?
  • What to Do if There Are No Contractual Restraints on Soliciting and Competing
  • Drafting, Interpreting and Enforcing Express Restrictions – Solicitation, Competition and Confidential Information
  • Damages

Find out more or order a copy here.

More information

Ranked as a “leading junior” in UK Employment Law, Peter Linstead’s practice focuses on four main areas:

  • commercial work, often relating to the termination of employment, including employee competition injunctions;
  • all areas of mainstream employment and discrimination, at tribunal and appellate level;
  • workplace stress and harassment claims in the civil courts; and
  • litigation in the Dubai International Financial Centre courts (DIFC).

To find out more about Peter or to instruct him, contact David Smith on +44 (0)20 7427 4905 or Colin Bunyan on +44 (0)20 7427 4886 for a confidential discussion.

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