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Our London office has a suite of nine dedicated conference rooms, with a seminar room that can hold up to 45 delegates. All conference rooms and our reception area have permanent wireless Internet access.

The organisation of meetings and conferences can be made much easier if some or all participants can attend remotely. Chambers is equipped to link multiple participants by Vidyo link. You do not need any special technology to join one of our virtual conferences. You need a PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone with a webcam (not a Windows phone) and an Internet connection. We send you a guest link and you download and install a plugin or app (depending on what device you are using) so that you can join the conference.

If it is more convenient, we can arrange conferences and consultations at solicitors’ offices or at the homes of clients, as appropriate.

Our premises are wholly accessible from Brick Court (car entrance in Tudor Street). If you have limited mobility you can book our car parking space in Brick Court when visiting Chambers. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7353 6381 if you need to use this facility.