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Will I pay an hourly rate?

Our fees are usually based on hourly rates. The rates vary according to how senior your barrister is, how urgent your case is and how complicated it is.

As a guide, barristers‘ fees are in this range:

  • Under 5 years experience: £75 – £125 per hour + VAT
  • 5-10 years experience: £125 – £275 per hour + VAT
  • 10-15 years experience: £150 – £450 per hour + VAT
  • Over 15 years experience: £200 – £500 per hour + VAT
  • Queen’s Counsel (Silk): £350+ per hour + VAT

We will always give you advise on a suitable barrister and we will provide you with an accurate assessment of the cost.

We will always tell you what the first stage of your case will cost or is likely to cost before any work is done on your behalf. Wherever possible we will give you an exact price, known as a fixed fee. If we do quote you a fixed fee we will never go higher than that amount unless we have contacted you first and you have agreed to the extra expense.

You can expect to be charged a fixed fee to have your barrister represent you in court.

If we do not give you an exact price your barrister will put in writing all of the hours that he / she has worked. These hours will be on the invoice or fee note that is sent to you.

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