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International clients can obtain a wide range of legal services from our qualified barristers and professional associates, in matters of English law and the law of other jurisdictions in which we are qualified to practise.

Our barristers and associates are regularly instructed to act as co-counsel with local counsel in foreign proceedings. Those of us with relevant foreign practice rights work closely in cooperation with local counsel rather than in competition with them. A list of our members’ practising rights is available here.

We are specialist lawyers. Our areas of expertise can be found here. All areas of our expertise have an international dimension. Our clients include large corporations, international regulators, private business, local law firms, and professional lay clients.

International lawyers and clients can instruct barristers directly.

Our services include advisory work, advocacy and representation in courts and tribunals around the world. We also offer international mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation (ENE) where we provide an impartial assessment of the merits of your case before you embark on legal proceedings.

Our expert witness service provides barristers to act as expert witnesses on English civil and criminal law and procedure in litigation and arbitrations anywhere. We are regularly called upon to provide expert evidence on issues of English commercial law and procedure in litigation and arbitration in the United States.