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Middle East

Outer Temple Chambers has offices in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All barristers and professional associates in Chambers have rights of audience in the Courts of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) and the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”), and 19 barristers and professional associates have rights of audience in the Courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”).

Outer Temple Chambers is registered in the DIFC, the only set of Chambers to have been so registered. Outer Temple members also co-operate with the DIFC Courts Academy of Law in the development and delivery of its professional education programme.

Our Chambers has recently become a member of ICC – UAE, the UAE Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce, which represents global business and promotes free trade and investment, and also a member of ICC Paris.

From our offices in the Middle East, New York and London, our members provide expert advisory and advocacy services and facilities for our contract and commercial, financial, regulatory, taxation and trusts, employment and arbitration work in the UAE and across the Middle East. Our professional associates Maître Samir SalloumZiad Salloum and Dr Adnan Abrahim are based in Abu Dhabi, David Russell QC  is located in Dubai and Dr Ali Almihdar, the first dual-qualified Saudi lawyer and English barrister, is also head of his own firm in Jeddah.

Our barristers offer expert legal services in the three common law courts in the Gulf region (DIFC, QFC and ADGM) and the Arbitration Centres (ADGM, DIFC/London Court of Arbitration, QFC and Dubai International Arbitration Centre) and we regularly represent clients on commercial and employment matters. Additionally, our members have strong links with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce through our association with local lawyers. Members have contributed to the development of the DIFC and ADGM through responses to consultation processes, membership of a working group tasked with a review of the DIFC’s Wealth Management offering, and the revision of the DIFC Companies Law.

Our barristers serve national clients, as well as non-national clients, both corporate and private, and professionals, companies and other commercial bodies around the world. We offer legal advice and services over a wide range of subjects. This includes advising clients in the negotiation of contracts, formation of local companies, Foreign Capital Investment Licences, and other licences for temporary or continuing commercial activities in the region, shipping, Intellectual Property matters, Agency and Distributorship, project construction contracts, arbitrations, litigation before Saudi Courts and Tribunals, Labour Law matters, and general Saudi corporate legal advice.

Chambers offers experience in many Islamic finance contracts. Our barristers have worked with a wide range of clients on conventional and Islamic contracts and financial structures. These include Islamic and international banks, commercial enterprises, regulators, and government agencies. Our legal expertise in pensions, financial services and business contracts all extend to Shari’ah compliant products and arrangements.

We are available to advise and assist local firms in the region that have need of an international office or an international legal service to both set up and close commercial deals, comply with regulatory issues and/or deal with contractual disputes. Through our interim lawyer scheme our barristers are able to provide on-site specialist legal support or remote hands-on expertise as and when needed. For deals entered into with foreign parties who will be advised by international law firms operating in a different legal culture, law firms from the region can take advantage of our English qualified barristers to be on hand to advise on everything from commercial contracts and general legal issues to international arbitrations, or to shadow local lawyers who lead negotiations. This is a cost-effective way of accessing specialist legal support on a temporary basis as and when needed.

In the event that you need or wish to discuss your legal requirements please contact us.