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Clients in the United States may obtain a range of legal services and representation from our qualified barristers and professional associates, in respect of matters of English law and the law of other jurisdictions in which our members are qualified to practise.  Clients outside of the United States may also obtain legal services from those of our qualified barristers who are admitted as attorneys in New York state and who may appear as co-counsel elsewhere in the US.

Members of Chambers act in the fields of commercial and chancery dispute resolution, including banking and financial services, arbitration, mediation and early neutral evaluation, business crime and commercial fraud (eg Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, RICO and the Bribery Act), employment, professional discipline and negligence/malpractice and regulatory matters (including FSA and SEC matters, as well s private international law and conflict of laws (including product liability/personal injury cases), cross-jurisdictional matters and any associated matter with a cross-border element.

We offer advisory expertise on law and procedure in the various UK mainland, offshore and Channel Island jurisdictions for US legal professionals and lay clients involved in cross-jurisdictional casework. Clients can come directly to us for specialist advocacy and representation for legal issues to be heard in the English Courts or to be dealt with through any form of ADR – including mediation, arbitration and ENE (‘early neutral evaluation’). Our barristers and associates are able to offer flexible fee arrangements. As a referral profession, our members are instructed to carry out discrete pieces of work, and do not therefore act in a ‘full service’ capacity as many large UK solicitors firms do – we seek ultimately to complement and supplement the offerings of our non-UK based legal colleagues, working in collaborative partnership with them.

Barristers are expert advocates, and are as much in demand in international arbitrations and mediations as in the courts and other tribunals. Our barristers and professional associates offer an international arbitration, mediation and early neutral evaluation, which can be conducted in our suite of offices in London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or New York, or by arrangement at other locations, including Paris and Toronto. UK-based  and international clients may directly instruct our barristers as their legal representatives in international arbitrations, where we can also act for non-US-based clients in proceedings conducted in Canada, New York and elsewhere in the US, whether governed by English, or New York law or the law of many Canadian provinces and US states.

Our expert witness service provides barristers to act as expert witnesses on civil and criminal law and procedure in litigation and arbitrations anywhere in the world. We are regularly called upon to provide expert evidence on issues of English commercial law and procedure in litigation and arbitration in the United States. Our office in New York enables us to provide convenient and cost-effective services as expert witnesses for US clients.

Our barristers include members of the American Counsel Association, members who are active in the International Section of the New York State Bar Association, and members registered in New York state as foreign legal consultants. We also have barristers who are dual-qualified and practise both as English barristers and as New York attorneys. These barristers specialize in dealing with cross-border issues and parallel English/US disputes, and act as co-counsel with their US legal colleagues in US, UK and cross-border cases and parallel US/UK proceedings.

To discuss your legal requirements please do contact us.