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Who Are The Clerks?

Clerks are experienced professionals who help you find the right barrister for your case. Occasionally this may involve directing a client to another chambers if a suitable barrister is not available.

You can discuss your legal requirements and legal fees with the clerks. When you are satisfied with the proposed barrister and the fee arrangements the barrister will be booked.

The clerks will receive your case papers and ensure that they are properly recorded and directed to the barrister. The clerks are responsible for the management of your case including booking time for the barrister to work on your papers, ensuring that the barrister is available for any court hearings, and for keeping track of the progress of your case. You can ring your clerk at any time if you have a query or to request an update on fees.

Our business development directors are the senior members of our clerking teams. If you want to discuss your case please contact us.