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Dave Scothern | Business Development Director

Contact details

Call: +44 (0)20 7427 4960 or email Dave Scothern for further information.


Dave Scothern joined Outer Temple in January 2013.

In his role as a Business Development Director, Dave works very closely with David Smith, they are jointly responsible for all aspects of work undertaken within the Business Team. They are assisted by Nicholas Levett, Adam Macdonald, Sura Mustafa and Remy Ramirez  in the efficient day to day running of the team.

Their main focus is the management and development of both individuals and practice groups that fall within the areas of expertise of the Business Team. These include as follows: ADR; Banking; Business Crime; Commercial & Chancery; Employment; Financial Services; Health, Safety & Environment; International; Pensions and Trusts. Instructions with Professional Negligence and Public Law issues within these fields are also managed by their team.

Dave welcomes opportunities to meet with clients to ensure we are matching their needs and expectations. He is also available to meet current and prospective clients to discuss how our expertise can be best utilised and to consider potential joint initiatives for mutual benefit.

Dave commenced his career as a Barrister’s Clerk in 1987, prior to joining Outer Temple he was the Senior Clerk at Dyers Chambers at 35 Bedford Row.

Memberships include an active role on the Management Committee of the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks. He is regular speaker for the Inner Temple Training Committee assisting with training for pupils and pupil supervisors, most recently speaking at the Pegasus Access and Support Scheme for prospective pupils from non-traditional backgrounds.

Dave holds a Level 5 Diploma, in Leadership and Management (ILM 2014-15).