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Outer Temple Chambers is committed to providing opportunities to the most talented pupil candidates regardless of background or any protected characteristic.

Why choose pupillage at Outer Temple Chambers?

Outer Temple is a leading global civil common-law chambers with a forward-thinking approach to business development and client care in the new legal market place.

Chambers is committed to providing opportunities to the most talented pupil candidates regardless of background or any protected characteristic. We achieve this with an anonymised vetting process and a broad cross-section of our barristers at the interview stage. There are a number of application methods and considerations when applying for pupillage, all detailed below.

You will receive a structured, well-supported, challenging, broad and well remunerated, pupillage experience here. We are involved in some of the most cutting-edge litigation and advisory work undertaken by the Bar and undertake a range of the highest quality work that few other London chambers can rival.

In London, we are located directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice and we have office facilities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well as representatives around the world including Australia, Far East, US and the Caribbean. We are the only UK Chambers with registered offices in the DIFC and the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

We have been ranked in 9 practice areas by Chambers & Partners and in 22 practice areas by Legal 500. We were awarded Employment Set of the Year at the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2019. We are platinum accredited Investors in People, a Disability Confident employer and a Mindful employer.


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Download our Pupillage Prospectus

Our Pupillage Prospectus contains detailed information about our Chambers, what pupillage is like, our criteria for selection, profiles of past pupils, and how to apply.

Download our Pupillage Prospectus 2021-22 here.

The latest edition (2021/2022) is available to download on the right of this page. The Chambers Student Guide 2021 ‘True Picture’ profile of what pupillage is like at our chambers can be viewed here.

Pupillage Award: our pupillage award for pupillages commencing September 2023 will be £70,000 (with up to 25% available for draw-down during the BPC year).

Deferred applications: Chambers does not accept deferred applications for pupillage.

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How to apply

We positively encourage applications from groups who are currently under-represented in Chambers such as women, those from ethnic minorities and persons with a disability. We have no preference for an undergraduate law degree over the one-year conversion course. We look for the best and the brightest candidates whatever their background.

Pupillage Gateway: Outer Temple Chambers recruits pupils through the Pupillage Gateway in accordance with the Gateway timetable. The application submission window commences 5th January 2022 and closes 9th February 2022, although the Gateway is open for general browsing of vacancies from 25th November.

6th May 2022 is the earliest date offers can be made to candidates applying through the Gateway.

Pupillage Award: Our pupillage award for pupillages commencing September 2023 will be £70,000 (with up to 25% available for draw-down during the BPC year).

Deferred applications: Chambers does not accept deferred applications for pupillage.

Transferring Solicitors: In the majority of cases we are obliged to direct  Transferring Solicitors / Qualified Legal Practitioners (including from other relevant jurisdictions) and Legal Academics wishing to transfer to the Bar, to make their applications through the Pupillage Gateway.  In exceptional circumstances we may be able to apply for a waiver from the BSB in respect of their funding and advertising requirements which, if granted, would allow us to recruit outside the Gateway.  Please see below for further information on the application process.

Starter Tenants: We recruit future starter tenants only from our own pupils. We do not have a limit on the number of starter tenancies that we offer. We offer starter tenancies to all pupils who have been determined (by a full Chambers meeting) to have met the standard for competence to be a tenant at Chambers.

Shortlisting Criteria

We are looking for candidates with:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Potential as an advocate
  • Motivation/drive/commitment
  • Professional compatibility with Chambers

A 2:1 first degree or above is preferred.

Applications received through the Gateway undergo an initial assessment.  Candidates whose applications score sufficiently highly will be invited to take a written test and attend a first round interview.  Both the first round interview and the written test score are taken into account in determining which applicants are invited to a second round interview.

Please note that our pupillage interview/assessment long weekend is scheduled for 22nd, 23rd and 24th April 2022 and we advise candidates to keep all these dates free.

For applicants who have reached the interview stage (either first or second/final round interview), Chambers will provide feedback about your performance upon request.  Regrettably, for all other applicants, we are unable to provide any feedback or enter into communications regarding selection decisions and criteria.

Reasonable adjustments: If you require any reasonable adjustment to be made during our interview/ assessment process, please ensure that you make this clear on your Pupillage Gateway application form.

Extenuating circumstances: If you feel that your educational, or other, performance has been affected by specific circumstances,  please also make this clear on your Pupillage Gateway application form.

All applicants for funded pupillage via the Gateway are advised to read the latest Outer Temple Pupillage Prospectus before submitting applications.

Pupillage applications for candidates with a disability

Chambers is a Disability Confident employer. This means we are recognised as positive about people with disabilities. We offer pupillage applicants with disabilities the option of requesting that their application for pupillage is considered in the spirit of the commitments we make as an employer under this scheme.

We are unable to offer a guaranteed interview to all pupillage applicants with disabilities who apply to us because of the very high number of applications we receive. However, we give special consideration to such applicants, the precise details of which are yet to be confirmed for the 2023 intake.

To be eligible to apply under these arrangements, you must have – or have had in the last twelve months – a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. This includes those whose impairment has lasted, or is likely to last, for twelve months, or if the impairment is likely to progress or recur. You are also automatically eligible if you are affected by cancer, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, or severe facial disfigurement. You do not have to be registered as a disabled person to apply under this scheme.

Declaring a disability for the purpose of eligibility under these arrangements is a personal decision and entirely voluntary. Please note that even if you do not wish your application to be considered under these arrangements, you may still request reasonable adjustments during the interview/assessment process.

If you wish your application to be considered in the spirit of our commitments under the Disability Confident Scheme please ensure that you make this clear, when asked, on the Pupillage Gateway application form.

Applications from Transferring Solicitors / Qualified Legal Practitioners (including from other relevant jurisdictions) and Legal Academics wishing to transfer to the Bar

We welcome pupillage applications from transferring solicitors, qualified legal practitioners (including from other relevant jurisdictions) and legal academics.  As referred to above, in the majority of cases we are obliged to direct applicants to the  Pupillage Gateway.  In exceptional cases we may be able to put forward a sufficiently compelling case to the BSB to enable us to recruit outside the Gateway. Each case is initially assessed on its own merits and our business needs. We do not accept deferred pupillages.

If you are a solicitor or other legal professional, including a qualified legal practitioner from another relevant jurisdiction, or a legal academic, and you wish to transfer to the Bar, you will normally need to apply to the Bar Standards Board (BSB) in the first instance. See the BSB website for further details.

Depending on your experience and qualifications, they will review your application and outline any conditions you must fulfil in order to be called to the Bar. Such conditions may include exemptions or reductions from specific requirements of the academic, vocational or professional stages of training to become a barrister. The BSB may, for example, specify a requirement to take all, or parts of, the Bar Transfer Test (‘BTT’ – details can be seen here). Currently, there are only two sittings of the BTT each calendar session, and test results are not released immediately. Please note that, in respect of applications for the next OTC/FRU Extended Pupillage Scheme (only), any applicant who has sat (or is required to sit) the BTT will need to have received the full BTT results by the time the pupillage begins.

If you have substantial relevant experience in one or more of Chambers’ specialist practice areas, and may have BSB exemptions or reductions from part, or all, of the academic, vocational or professional stages of training, please submit a CV and detailed covering letter to our pupillage coordinator (E: pupillage@outertemple.com), along with a copy of any correspondence from the BSB confirming any relevant determination and exemptions granted. Irrespective of any exemptions or reductions granted by our regulator, Chambers reserves the right to ask applicants to meet its own additional requirements if it believes this is in the best interests of the candidate and Chambers as a whole.

We will consider applications at any time in the calendar year as far as practicable.  Following review, applicants will be advised whether they need to proceed via the standard Pupillage Gateway.

Pupillage Interviews Uncovered – Parts I and II

Outer Temple’s former Head of Pupillage James Counsell QC features in two videos produced by the University of Law, which aim to give prospective candidates an idea of what a first-round interview may be like, including some of the legal and ethical issues, with current pupils recounting their experience and providing some tips.

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