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Fiona Horlick

Fiona Horlick

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Fiona Horlick is a Band 1 (top tier) leading junior in both Chambers & Partners and Legal 500. She is praised for her unrivalled advocacy skills, her unbending will to succeed as well as her charisma and her ability to handle clients with sensitivity.

Fiona’s practice encompasses regulatory proceedings including Professional Discipline, Health and Safety and Crime – particularly business crime, medical crime, and health and safety criminal proceedings. She has extensive experience as an advocate in all courts from the Privy Council downwards, including the Court of Appeal, the High Court, Crown Courts, regulatory proceedings and inquests. She honed her skills on criminal work and jury trials before expanding her work profile.

Fiona is the co-editor and major contributing author of the leading work on the Bribery Act 2010 Lissack and Horlick on Bribery published internationally by LexisNexis. This work is now in its 2nd edition and provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of bribery in both a national and international context. Fiona advises and represents companies with regard to business crime.

Fiona’s article “The extraterritorial reach of criminal and enforcement action in the English courts” first appeared in the January 2014 edition of the Butterworths Journal of International Banking & Financial Law.

Her Health and Safety practice includes fatalities and serious accidents. She appears in proceedings before the Crown Court, magistrates court and at Inquests on behalf of companies and individuals. Fiona has an extensive practice defending health professionals including doctors, dentists and pharmacists before their disciplinary bodies and in criminal trials, at Inquests and at internal Trust disciplinary/employment hearings.

Disciplinary & Regulatory

Fiona has a regular and extensive practice defending professionals, in the main health professionals such as doctor and dentists, before their regulatory bodies in both interim order cases and in final Fitness to Practice hearings. She has represented many top consultants and surgeons in a wide variety of matters including poor clinical practice, dishonesty and sexual misconduct allegations. She has defended in the full range of performance, misconduct and health cases, often working in sensitive cases.

In addition, Fiona represents professionals in other types of proceedings such as employment / internal disciplinary hearings and at Inquests in the Coroners Courts. The outcome of these hearings can be influential in a potential referral to a regulator. Fiona frequently acts for NHS Trusts at Inquests.

Fiona has conducted a number of cases regarding the regulation of actuaries on behalf of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Such cases invariably involve complex matters of expert evidence with regard to pensions and insurance.

Medical Crime

Coming originally from a criminal practice background with experience in cases involving murder, manslaughter, assisted suicide, fraud and sexual misconduct, Fiona is perfectly matched to conduct criminal cases involving health professionals. These trials require a combination of criminal trial experience, cross examination skills and in-depth knowledge of the health profession.

In particular Fiona has many years of experience both defending and prosecuting in very serious sexual allegations including rape, child abuse and pornography. She remains an accredited ‘Rape Panel’ prosecutor for the CPS.

Fiona has co-written the chapter on Prosecuting Health Professionals in the Oxford University Press book Witness Testimony in Sexual Cases: Evidential, Investigative and Scientific Perspectives, published January 2016. Fiona is known in the directories as ‘at the top of the list of very able barristers for medico legal matters’ with regard to medical crime.


PSA v GMC & Uppal

Defending Dr Uppal firstly in a GMC FTP hearing and secondly, in an appeal to the High Court by the PSA against the findings of the FTPP. Reported case.

Dr V v GMC

Acting for Dr V in his appeal to the High Court against the decision of a GMC FTPP to proceed with a hearing in his absence and without legal representation which resulted in his erasure.

GMC v Mr G

Defending a consultant surgeon from the Mid Staff NHS Trust in a complicated performance case.

GMC v Mr H

Defending a consultant surgeon in a misconduct case involving several patient deaths and expert evidence.

GMC v Dr K

Defending a doctor who sexually touched a vulnerable patient in her own home.

GMC v Dr M

Defending a doctor who is alleged to have sexually touched a child member of his family.

GMC v Dr B

Defending a doctor who had a long standing sexual relationship with a patient. He was also charged with serious dishonesty.

GDC v Mr H

Defending a dentist who was alleged to have allowed illegal practice to have happened at his practice.

GDC v Mr S

Defending a dentist who was alleged to have treated a child without consent.

R v Kay Gilderdale

In a case garnering international press coverage, Fiona defended Kay Gilderdale who was charged with the attempted murder and assisting suicide of her gravely ill daughter by means of an overdose of morphine. Acquitted by the jury of attempted murder. Pleaded to assisting suicide and sentenced to a conditional discharge.

R v Dr B

Defending a doctor charged with multiple sexual assaults on a patient over many years. Acquitted.

R v Dr M

Defending a doctor charged with sexual offences involving two women. Acquitted.

R v Dr Z

Defending a doctor charged with sexual assault of a woman on London Underground. Acquitted.

Appointments & Memberships

  • ARDL
  • CBA
  • FSLA
  • HSLA

Fiona Horlick is regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and holds a current practising certificate. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, please click here.

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“Well prepared and knowledgeable. She has the ability to see the real picture.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2018

“Incisive, intelligent and brilliant at cross-examination.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2018

“Recommended for dental, actuarial and medical cases.” Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law, Legal 500 2017

“Her advocacy skills are second to none; most would hate to be subjected to a cross-examination by her because she’s just so good. She grasps technical issues extremely quickly and is an extremely effective advocate.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2017

“She has a phenomenal understanding of her cases and is always able to pick up on the key issues, regardless of the volume of information.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2017

“She defends in medical cases with novel arguments.” Professional Discipline and Regulatory Law, Legal 500 2016

“She grasps complex work quickly and easily, is a master of cross-examination, and an excellent person to represent both regulators and professionals.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2016

“She’s terrific – tenacious but at the same time calm.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2016

“She exudes an air of confidence.” “She’s an excellent advocate who is very good at cross-examination.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2015

“An absolute joy to listen to in full flow.” Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law, Legal 500 2015

“Her advocacy skills are unrivalled and she is fantastic to watch. She knows when to have a fight and when to have people listen to you and like you.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2014

“”Hard-working, enthusiastic” junior Fiona Horlick “is someone you don’t want to be up against,” according to one impressed peer, as “she can destroy your case, very, very quickly.”” Chambers & Partners 2013

“Fiona Horlick, whose “relaxed style belies a vigorous approach.”” Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law, Legal 500 2013

“Fiona Horlick engages in high-stakes disciplinary actions for and against doctors, dentists and pharmacists. She is adept at making intelligent, highly demanding clients feel that they are being well handled. Solicitors like her as she is “capable of being a rottweiler for her client if the situation calls for it.”” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2012

“Fiona Horlick is “at the top of her game” and “combines charm, charisma and an unbending will to succeed.”” Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law, Legal 500 2012

“Her forte lies in defending healthcare professionals. Her “ability to work sensitively with emotional clients” is seen as a particular strength.” Professional Discipline, Chambers & Partners 2011

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