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Outer Temple offers tenancy to three pupils


We are delighted to announce that tenancies have been awarded to current pupils Carin Hunt, Jeremy Scott-Joynt and Patrick Tomison.

All three have a further two months of pupillage to complete, and will start the next stages of their careers as full tenants of Outer Temple in September 2019.

We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Carin, Jeremy and Patrick, and wish them every success moving forwards with us!

James Counsell QC, Head of Pupillage said: “Carin, Jeremy and Patrick have now been with us for nearly a year and have impressed all with whom they have worked, both within chambers and in their own advocacy work.  We are certain that they will have hugely successful careers at the bar and add to our great strength at the junior end of chambers.”

Outer Temple places great importance on the recruitment and training of pupils (from whom we expect to recruit most of our future tenants) which enhances the positive environment and reputation of our chambers.

We recruit through the Pupillage Gateway, in line with its timetable, for our 12 month pupillages. We recruit directly in alternate years for our 18 month pupillage scheme in association with FRU.

Barristers: James Counsell QC | Carin Hunt | Jeremy Scott-Joynt | Patrick Tomison
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